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Ginny Ruffner

Ginny Ruffner is a Seattle artist who works in a variety of media.  Her glass sculptures helped create the field of torchworked glass art world-wide. Besides images of other artworks, this website contains images of the 30 foot tall, kinetic water feature she created in downtown Seattle. There are images of metal sculptures, glass sculptures, paintings, public art, pop-up books, and commissions.  A resume provides a list of the museums in which Ruffner’s work is included. The ‘NOTEWORTHY EVENTS’ section below explores some of the ongoing projects and events.

Current Projects

  • Aesthetic Engineered Poetic Hybrids


    FREE INTERACTIVE EVENT at Seattle Art Museum

    Debut Performance of Ginny Ruffner’s POETIC HYBRIDS

    Intersecting art, science and technology



    Thursday September 1                      3:00 pm – 9:00 pm

    Friday, September 2                           Noon – 5:00 pm



    Seattle Art Museum, in the 1st Ave lobby

    1300 1st Ave, Seattle, WA 98101



    ‘Poetic Hybrids’ is a two-day installation / performance at the Seattle Art Museum.  Originally inspired by interviews with genetic research scientists, PH creates a crossroads between art and genetics in a comfortable and fun environment.  Audience members will choose 2 genetics related words from a pre-determined list. That combination of words will be drawn as a hybrid and then modeled into a 3D image by local artists, resulting in sculptures that are realized utilizing cutting edge Augmented Reality technology.  Both performative and interactive, this engaging project gives the audience an opportunity not only to influence the creation of holographic sculptures, but also to electronically ‘paint’ on the holograms via digital finger painting (pixels not paint).  This project offers participants of all ages an opportunity to experience technology enabled creativity first hand.



    Ginny Ruffner is a Seattle artist, trained at the University of Georgia as a painter, graduating with honors and an M.F.A. in 1975.  Ruffner has had 74 solo shows, several hundred group shows, and her work is in 53 permanent museum and public collections around the world.  Seattle public art installations include a 30-foot tall kinetic water feature downtown and a permanent installation in the Seattle Art Museum’s Olympic Sculpture Park.  She has written two books and been the subject of an award winning, full-length documentary titled “A Not So Still Life, the Ginny Ruffner Story”.  Ruffner has lectured and taught extensively and has served as an artist in residence numerous times at schools and universities around the world.  Her most recent Augmented Reality projects include “Weston Riff” at Photo Center Northwest and “Branching” at SIFFX, a new segment of the 2016 Seattle International Film Festival.  Both of these projects were created with Animator, Grant Kirkpatrick.

    Grant Kirkpatrick is an emerging animator and new media artist based in Seattle.  After studying at Cornish College of the Arts for three years, he graduated with a focus on motion design and animation. Coming from a fine arts background, Grant has considerable interest in the intersection of art and technology, particularly VR/AR, game design, and mixed media work. 



    SAM is the first location that Poetic Hybrids will be performed.  Future (2017) venues include Cornish College of the Arts, University of Washington Genetics, the Institute of Systems Biology, and Hudson Alpha Institute for Biotechnology. Check our website for exact dates.



    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Noteworthy Events

  • Olympic Sculpture Park
  • Urban Garden, Seattle
  • Huntsville Museum Exhibition

Olympic Sculpture Park

Bench drawing and modelSeattle Art Museum, Commission

To celebrate the life of arts patron Mary Shirley, Seattle Art Museum has commissioned Ruffner to create a place at Olympic Sculpture Part to rest, reflect, and enjoy the park. Located slightly north of the Pavilion on the upper Z path, with a spectacular view of the sculpture park. Completed June, 2014.

Aluminum with bronze patina. Dimensions: 4 feet high x 9 feet long x 3 feet deep.

Urban Garden

Downtown, Seattle, WA

Located at the NW corner of 7th Avenue & Union Street in downtown Seattle. Several types of giant flowers will bloom atop a large (9' tall x 7' wide) steel flowerpot. In the course of a 15 minute cycle, after they are periodically watered by a watering can, the stalk of blue flowers will open and close. A viewing window will enable viewers to see the interior mechanisms at work. The flowerpot saucer will provide seating, as well as nearby benches. Completed July, 2011.

Solo Exhibition: Aesthetic Engineering

Huntsville Museum of Art

Huntsville, AL

October 4th, 2014 - January 18th, 2015



Listen here as Ginny is interviewed on WLRH, Huntsville 89.3 FM, aired on Friday, Oct 3rd, 2014: Ginny Ruffner's Aesthetic Engineering Opens at Huntsville Museum of Art.

Watch here to view a video featuring Ginny and her new solo exhibition at Huntsville Museum of Art. Aesthetic Engineering: New Huntsville Museum of Art Exhibits Honors Genetic Research, David Kumbroch. WHNT Channel 19, Huntsville, AL, Oct 1st, 2014.

Solo Exhibition: Aesthetic Engineering, Huntsville Museum of Art, Installation view.
2014, steel, stainless steel and glass.  Dimension: various.