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Noteworthy Happenings

  • Ginny Ruffner at Mad Art


    A Glass and Augmented Reality exhibit

    January 21, - March 31, 2018 at MadArt Seattle

    REFORESTATION OF THE IMAGINATION (ROTI) is an exhibition conceived by Seattle artist, Ginny Ruffner and created with digital collaborator, Grant Kirkpatrick, to actualize the augmented reality component of the project. 

    ROTI will have its inaugural installation at MadArt Studio in January 2018, with the Opening Reception on January 21, 2018 and continuing through the end of March 2018.

    Viewers will enter a space filled with painted and colorless glass stumps, scattered logs of glass, hanging bare glass tree limbs and very large suspended sandblasted glass leaves.  There is one beautifully grotesque stunted, bronze tree which is the perch for a large clear glass vulture.  The fragile environment, represented here as a denuded forest made of glass, seems devastated, but beautiful though invisible (in the conventional sense) regrowth is occurring.  Viewers will be invited to download a free app to their smartphone, which will allow them to utilize their smartphone camera to view holograms growing from the tops of the stumps.  Holograms of flowers and plants that have evolved into a radically different form will appear.  This imaginary, potential beauty, revealed through augmented reality, is the forest reimagining itself.

    The imagination can't be devastated.  It just recreates itself.